How to Plan for Your Whistler Helicopter Proposal

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7 Thing to Consider When Planning Your Perfect Whistler Helicopter Proposal

Planning a proposal can be a challenge, especially when you add in a bunch of moving parts like an unknown location, a photographer, and a helicopter! So what do you need to consider to plan the perfect Whistler helicopter proposal?

Buckle up and let me tell you the top 7 things to consider when planning a helicopter proposal in the mountains of Whistler.

1. Choose Your Landing Location:

Make sure you check what types of landing locations the helicopter company offers. Whistler’s premier helicopter company, Blackcomb Helicopters, has 6 different proposal tours! Do you want to see a glacier? The Tantalus Range? Maybe an alpine lake is more your speed? They have an option to fit it all!

2. Decide On An Amount of Time On The Ground:

Most helicopter tours come with a standard 15mins of landing time. With such a short period of time to play with it can make you feel rushed to propose. It will make it hard for your photographer to get any other photos beside the proposal itself. I would highly recommend adding an additional 15min to your helicopter landing time. Make the most of this once in a lifetime experience for you and your partner! Give yourselves the time to take in all the excitement with one another and still have time to explore the natural beauty of where you are before heading back to the valley.

3. Consider What to Bring With You:

Different helicopter models can carry a different amount of weight. The most popular helicopter tour for proposals in Whistler uses a helicopter with a max combined weight limit of 450lbs. This is not just how much you weigh, but how much what you’re wearing (yes, what you wear!) and what you bring weighs too. One thing that people seem to forget to factor in is how much photography gear weighs. When booking make sure to ask your photographer how much they and their gear weigh combined. I know it is an uncomfortable question, but any photographer who has experience photographing helicopter proposals in Whistler will be used to it. Promise!

This brings me to my next point (which might be the most important of all!)

4. You Are Landing in The Alpine:

The helicopter lands in alpine mountain environments. These are wild and uncontrolled places. Dressing for the conditions and wearing appropriate footwear is paramount to having a good time. There may be wind, it might be slippery, or you could be in knee deep snow! If you are concerned about what to expect ask the helicopter company staff ahead of time or speak with your experienced helicopter proposal photographer. Here is a quick list of must haves during different seasons…

During the winter months (October – May) it is advised to wear:

  • High winter boots with good tread on the sole for traction
  • Snow pants or waterproof bottoms in case of knee deep snow
  • A good winter jacket
  • Hat and gloves (obviously the gloves can come off when the ring goes on)

During the summer month (June-September) it is advised to wear:

  • Hiking boots or shoes with a good tread for traction (you will be walking on rocks, and could still be walking through snow)
  • An extra layer such as a light puffy jacket or windbreaker
  • Sunglasses for the flight (although your proposal photographer will most likely make you take them off for photos)

If you have any questions on how to make these outfits look cute your Whistler proposal photographer will be able to answer them for you.

5. Your Flight is Completely Weather Dependent:

If the pilot can’t see, you can’t fly. Your safety and the safety of everyone else involved is the most important thing when it comes to a helicopter tour. If the weather is poor there is a high possibility the helicopter will not fly.

6. Be Flexible & Have a Backup Plan:

The tough fact of the matter is that helicopter tours get postponed or cancelled about 50% of the time. Being prepared with a backup plan ensures that you are still able to propose in a fabulous way even if it can’t be with a helicopter tour. There are a few different options when it comes to helicopter proposals being postponed. If you have flexibility in your schedule the helicopter company will try their best to reschedule your flight for another day. However, a lot of people are very tied to the date they intended on proposing. With that in mind, it is best to chat with your Whistler proposal photographer in order to come up with a backup plan in the valley. Whistler is a beautiful location from any angle and your local Whistler photographer will be able to help you choose a Plan B location for your proposal that feels right for you.

7. Enjoy The Experience! :

No matter what happens you have made the decision to propose to your person. Whether in the alpine or in the valley those feelings of love and commitment will not change. This is your special day, so enjoy it to the fullest!

Thinking about proposing to your partner with a helicopter tour in Whistler? Get in touch with me to start planning your all-inclusive romantic proposal today! That’s right, I can help you plan, book and document the marriage proposal of your dreams.

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