Thinking of Eloping in Whistler?

What Could Eloping in Whistler Look Like For You? Busting The Myth That Elopements Are Short and Uneventful Thinking of eloping in Whistler but not sure what that means for you? Trust me, you are not alone there. There are a ton of misconceptions around eloping. A lot of people still think of elopements in […]

What Could Eloping in Whistler Look Like For You?

Busting The Myth That Elopements Are Short and Uneventful

Thinking of eloping in Whistler but not sure what that means for you? Trust me, you are not alone there. There are a ton of misconceptions around eloping. A lot of people still think of elopements in the very historic sense of a rushed, secretive, or shotgun type wedding. A wedding not to be proud of. That is an outdated way of thinking and TRULY NOT the case anymore.

More and more couples are eloping in Whistler each year, and with the global pandemic we currently find ourselves in there is no better time than now to start planning your perfect elopement day experience.

Because that is what it can be for you; an experience of a lifetime with the person you want to have all of your experiences with!

So, What Is An Elopement?

Great question! Lets talk about it. Elopements mean getting to share a truly unique and special experience with your person.

Of course getting married is an experience unto itself. But what if you were able to spend your wedding day doing all of your favourite things with your favourite person?

What if you didn’t have to worry about sacrificing eating the dinner you paid for in order to try and fit in a short conversation with all 150 of your guests? What if you could spend the entire day with your partner and not stay apart just because it’s tradition? How about being completely honest and vulnerable with your vows? Would you want to/be able to do that in front of a room full of people?

An elopement in Whistler grants you the ability to have a meaningful and authentic wedding day curated to your personalities!

It allows you the freedom to do exactly what you want to do, exactly how you want to do it. It is a day designed with intention and your relationship at the center. It can honour your adventurous outdoorsy natures, or your dog loving craft beer drinking souls.

The beauty of an elopement is that you can create a day that is completely true to yourselves and who you are together as a couple. It is about setting aside all of the expectations, pomp & circumstance, and opinions of other (cuz lets be honest those are always there) and just holding on to the traditions that FEEL RIGHT to you. Or maybe you don’t keep any traditions and start making some of your own instead!

When you make the decision to elope in Whistler, all of the fluff of a traditional wedding day falls away.

You can really hone in on how you want to marry your person, whether that be getting up before the sun to hike to an alpine lake and say your vows as the sky begins to light up, or having a cozy coffee and breakfast in the bed of your mountainside AirBnB before taking a helicopter to the top of a rugged peak. There is no wrong way to experience your elopement day wedding.

What Can a Full Day Elopement Look Like?

(Truly the world is your oyster here! Your elopement day can be anything you want it to be, but let me give you some ideas for Whistler elopements and the surrounding area to help jump start your dreams a little)

Sample Timeline for Full Day Hiking Elopement Whistler:

Wake up before the sun at your AirBnB where I will meet you

Have a quick bite to eat and fill a thermos with fresh brewed coffee (or your warm comfort drink of choice) while making sure that your hiking packs have all the wedding day essentials you’ll need for an alpine lakeside ceremony

Leave the AirBnB for the trailhead where we will start hiking with headlamps up to Brandywine Meadows

We will arrive in the massive flower filled meadow before the sun comes up over the peaks. There you will take a break, drink your coffee, have a snack and get into your wedding attire if you opt not to wear it for the hike which is recommended

We will explore the meadow and you can choose a location along the lakeside that speaks to you as your dream ceremony spot

Say your vows as the sun rises over the peaks and lights up the surrounding mountain ranges

Once your ceremony is over and you’re officially married we will celebrate with a toast and some custom made treats by The Flour Pot

Take some time to explore around the beautiful alpine meadow while stopping along the way for photos

Have a wedding day picnic in the meadows before heading back down to the car

We will begin hiking back down to the trailhead, stopping for more photos and exploration along the way

When we get back to the car we’ll head back toward Whistler where we will stop at Coast Mountain Brewing for a well deserved pint

We will return to your AirBnB for you to get freshened up and enjoy a hand crafted dinner made by one of Whistler’s private chefs

You end the day by lighting a fire in the fire pit and enjoying the rest of your evening together as newly weds!

Don’t like the idea of hiking on your wedding day but still love the natural beauty that Whistler and the surrounding landscape has to offer? Well I have another sample timeline for you. Here you go!

Sample Timeline for Full Day Whistler Helicopter Elopement:

Prep at the Joffre Creek Cabins, separately in order to have a first look (makeup and hair done before photographer arrives, or done by the bride while photographer is there)

First look beside beautiful Lower Joffre Creek, which runs directly beside the cabin & some portraits in the lush green forest afterward

Travel to The Beer Farmers for a tasty pint of locally made beer (travel time 30mins)

Enjoy a flight of craft beer, and maybe play around in the sunflower maze across the street (subject to time of year)

Travel to Blackcomb Helicopters base (travel time 20min) while stopping at Mile One Eating House on the way to for some of Pemberton’s famous potatoes in poutine form ! Yum!

Arrive at Blackcomb Helicopters base and take off for Marriage Lake getting a beautiful sight seeing tour of Pemberton Valley from the air (flying time 20min)

Have a private ceremony at Marriage Lake where you can exchange your heartfelt vows to one another with the comfort, ease and confidence of knowing that these words are spoken for your partner alone

You get the pleasure of exploring the beautiful alpine lake and rugged terrain

Take off for the second mountain top stop, on top of Mt. Currie

Mt. Currie is the stunning and iconic jagged peaks that overlook the Pemberton Valley, it is the perfect place to stop and watch the sunset on your wedding day experience

Return to Joffre Creek Cabins where dinner will be served in the outdoor dining space, prepared by a private chef with all of your favourite foods and drinks

Close out the night with a cozy fire in the cabins fire pit enjoying s’more and a night cap

Want to here more about eloping in Whistler or the surrounding area? Click HERE to get in touch!