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Macaila and Jordan are a young couple who moved to Whistler, British Columbia for the summer season. After spending months on the lake and on the river as canoe and raft guides the two had to temporarily part ways in September as Macaila returned to finish her undergrad degree in Ontario, and Jordan continued his west coast journey up to the town of Revelstoke, British Columbia. Macaila returned for a quick visit last week before they both left Whistler indefinitely. The two asked me if I could take some photos of them in a place that would really represent the time they had spent here together in this beautiful place.

I could not think of a better spot than Rainbow Park, Whistler. Not only is it the historic home of the town of Whistler, but it also provides the absolute best views of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. This place is a must shoot for anyone looking to get a Whistler couples session done.

I asked Macaila why she loved this spot and this is what she had to say…

“Neither of us had ever been to British Columbia before but we have both always shared a strong respect for the mountains. Without any real prior knowledge, we packed up and moved out here in May and hoped for the best! I had to go back to Ontario for school in September, but Jordan stayed out here for work. When I came back for this visit in November, he wanted to take me to Rainbow Park because it was one of my favourite spots during the summer. The amazing views across the lake, and the dog friendly dock were key features of this place for me. After the visit I had to return to Ontario, and Jordan’s next stop is Revelstoke, so we thought it would be nice to capture these moments together. We aren’t sure when we will return to Whistler, but it will always be special to us.”

Best of luck to these two in all of their adventures in the future. Whistler will always be waiting here for when you return.