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Whistler Elopement | Janice Power Weddings | Nita Lake Lodge | Clare + Juan’s Rainy Day Wedding

Clare & Juan traveled to Nita Lake Lodge for their rainy day Whistler elopement in May.

Getting married in a rainforest comes with its fair share of weather risks. You can plan for the worst, and hope for the best, or just go with whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you. That is exactly what Clare & Juan did on their wedding day back in May. They kept the wedding simple, and the guest list minimal. It could not have been more perfectly suited to who they are.

This early morning Whistler elopement took place at the beautiful Nita Lake Lodge. The couple have been living in Vancouver for a long time and have frequented Nita Lake Lodge in passed visits to Whistler. They knew that they wanted to include Nita Lake in their special day. It was important to both of them to have their ceremony on the beautiful dock despite the cool spring rain of Whistler. The couple did not let the weather dampen their spirits. They pushed on with their Whistler elopement plans staying true to their wedding day vision.

Clare & Juan walked each other down the isle and out into Nita Lake for their Whistler elopement with an officiant and friends waiting at the end. In true Whistler style both Clare & Juan original hail from other countries (Clare from Australia and Juan from Spain) making it hard for their families to come together for a large formal wedding. However, Clare’s best friend from childhood made the long journey from Australia just to see the pairs’ Whistler elopement.

When it came to the end of the ceremony we all went up to Nita Lake Lodge to sign the official paperwork under the protection of the overhanging roof. The rain continued to fall but there were smiles all around in celebration of the couples Whistler elopement.

Your wedding day is what you make it. With the right attitude and the right people by your side nothing can keep you down on the day you marry your person. I am sure Clare & Juan will be telling the story of the rain on their Whistler elopement for years to come.