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Whistler Engagement Photographer





whistler engagement photography

whistler engagement photography

Nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Whistler mountains, your love story is about to unfold against a backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes. Our Whistler engagement photography services are designed to capture the pure, unfiltered moments of love, connection, and anticipation.


I know the best spots in Whistler to showcase your love, ensuring that your engagement photos are nothing short of spectacular. Surrounded by the pristine beauty of Whistler, they'll transform your engagement session into a visual love story, preserving the magic of this remarkable moment in your journey together.

Looking for proposal photo + video?

At Whistler Proposals, we redefine your proposal experience. As a part owner, I'm thrilled to offer you a complete proposal package that goes above and beyond. Our comprehensive offerings include planning assistance, expertly crafted videos, and exclusive access to our curated location guide. Discover the most convenient and breathtaking places to propose in Whistler, ensuring your special moment is nothing short of extraordinary.

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A Whistler Photographer and the swiss army person you'll want to have around on your wedding day!

My clients don't just have a professional Whistler photographer; they also have an adventure guide by their side!

With over 200 weddings in my portfolio and a decade of experience in the outdoor industry, I have the expertise to ensure you make the most of your special day.

Photography, to me, is about capturing those natural, unscripted moments with your loved ones in places that ignite your spirit. These are the memories that weave the tapestry of your life story, and I'm dedicated to preserving them in a way that feels authentic to you.

In search of a wedding or elopement photographer? Let's connect and craft a wedding experience that you'll cherish for a lifetime!

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