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couple celebrate winter proposal at lakeside park whister bc

As all proposals do, this romantic Lakeside Park proposal in Whistler began a few years before with Ron + Serena’s first meeting. To say it was a bit unconventional is an understatement. Let me explain: how far would you travel to meet your Tinder match? I’m not sure if there’s a record – but if there were, Ron might be its holder. He traveled all the way to Seoul, Korea to meet Serena after matching on the popular dating app!

As it happened, a friend of Ron’s from university was living there at the time and Ron had been planning a trip to visit him. 

If there have ever been two people fated to meet, it was Ron and Serena. As they began learning more about one another, they discovered quite a few narrow misses. For example, they both lived in St. Louis at the same time, only a couple of miles apart and often frequented the same restaurants. “We probably stood in the same line at times,” Serena says. In Washington, DC, they lived just two train stops apart. To top it off, Serena’s best friend and roommate was a co-worker of Ron’s!  The two often say that they were just narrowly missing each other throughout life. I say the universe knew exactly what it was doing and brought them together when the time was right.

When they finally did meet in Seoul, they both knew. This was something special.

Fast forward 2.5 years and the US-born Ron began to learn Korean so he could propose to Serena in her native tongue. He also had a custom ring designed for Serena for the Whistler Lakeside Park proposal he had planned. The waves of the band symbolize being on the same wavelength. This is something they remarked on a few times during our session.

After meeting in Seoul, Ron and Serena relocated to Vancouver. “British Columbia is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth,” says Ron. “For these special moments, we wanted a setting that highlighted the unfettered nature that showcases that beauty.” Whistler was an obvious choice for their Lakeside Park Proposal.

I met Ron through my good friend (and amazing videographer), Rachel of Rachel King Films. Rachel and I regularly work together on Whistler proposals and elopements. As such we have recently launched our joint project, Whistler Proposals!

Ron really wanted to capture the Lakeside Park proposal in both video and photos, so the couple could share all their joy with their families. After some input from Rachel and me, we chose this quiet spot on the dock at Lakeside Park for Ron and Serena’s snowy proposal, and it was perfect!

Whistler offers almost limitless options for adventurous and memorable proposals and elopements. From romantic hikes to ski adventures, Whistler is the ideal place to celebrate your milestones and create memories you’ll cherish forever.

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Check out Serena + Ron’s engagement video