Whistler Mountain Proposal Photography

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A Whistler Mountain Proposal

Whistler Mountain is a world class destination for skiing, snowboarding, biking and sightseeing. But is Whistler Mountain a good proposal location?

You be it is!

A Whistler Mountain proposal is an amazing idea for those who want to get above the clouds without having to hike or hire a helicopter, because the Whistler Mountain gondola takes you right up to beautiful vistas overlooking the Whistler valley far below. Consequently, on a clear day you can see a whole skyline filled with the Coast Mountains.

For Edden it made perfect sense to propose to Emily here at the top of the Whistler gondola. The two of them visited Whistler on a family vacation. Edden knew this would be the perfect time to propose, and he knew he wanted their family to be involved in the experience. With this in mind he let me know that we would have to come up with an accessible location to accommodate all twelve of them. That’s a lot of people! But we were determined to make it work.

I had it! The top of Whistler Mountain would make the perfect proposal spot. Firstly, not only does it have spectacular views but, more importantly it also allowed for easy access for everyone involved in the proposal plan. Secondly, another nice bonus was that it is incredibly easy to get away with having a camera at the top of Whistler. Most people on the mountain are here visiting this world class ski resort. It is certainly not unusual for tourists to take photos of their trip, right?


There was my cover! I was just a tourist taking some photos of that stunning skyline. Nothing to see here!

Excited girl being proposed to on top of Whistler Mountain

I told Edden that I would wait at the top of Whistler Mountain for him to get there and propose. The trick was to involve his future sister in law. She would have to get them to take a cell phone shot of the two of them. This way they could get into a good position with a beautiful backdrop. Once in the right spot I started to edge my way over to where they stood. I was prepared to jump in with my camera once he dropped to his knee.

Couple cozy up at the top of Whistler mountain after getting engaged

Our plan for the perfect Whistler Mountain proposal went off without a hitch! Emily could not have been more surprised. Just look at the excitement on her face! After giving the happy couple a few minutes to bask in the glow of new engagement I took them for a little stroll around the top of the Whistler Mountain gondola to get a few more photos of their epic Whistler proposal.

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