Whistler Proposal at Rainbow Park

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Wintery Whistler Proposal Photos at Popular Rainbow Park

Whistler is a major destination for international visitors, from those to come to shred the pow, or fly down a gnarly bike trail, to those who just want to revel in the beauty of a mountain landscape. We get all types of people here and I can understand why. I myself came to Whistler thinking of it as a dream destination. A mythical place filled with pristine snow capped peaks, and crystal clear lakes. A place to find myself and reconnect with nature. Who would not feel drawn to this glorious place as something special? No wonder it has become such a popular destination to plan a surprise Whistler proposal.

The Proposal

No wonder Zach chose a Whistler proposal as the perfect kind of proposal for his girlfriend, Taryn. Zach has been a fan of Whistler since the early days of his life. His family would drive up from Seattle for ski holidays when he was young. Some of his best childhood memories were made in this beautiful valley. He wanted to share that joy and sense of nostalgia with Taryn. On their fourth anniversary of dating Zach made a plan to bring Taryn to Whistler. He told her that he had booked them an anniversary photography session with me. Little did Taryn know that her anniversary session was going to turn into a Whistler proposal session instead.

We chose to do their Whistler proposal at Rainbow Lake Park. This particular park offers such an awe inspiring view of both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. It makes for the perfect backdrop for that true Whistler photography feel. Not to mention that in the winter it is a pretty quiet place. We had Alta Lake all to ourselves!

After taking a few couples photos of Taryn and Zach together I told them that I wanted to get some individual shots as well. I made Zach go first so that Taryn would not get too suspicious. After I was done taking some shots of him I got Taryn to stand in front of the lens. I told her that in order to find someones best angle I get them to start facing away from me. That way I can have them slowly rotate toward me as I shoot.

Once Taryn’s back was turned it was Zach’s moment. This was it!

The Whistler proposal he had planned out so well was about to commence. He got down on one knee tapping Taryn lighty on the back. As soon as she turned her head to look at him she knew what was going on. She was shocked. I could not have planned a more perfect reaction to a Whistler proposal if I had tried. These Whistler proposal photographs will remain among my favourits for a long time to come.