Pemberton Wedding at Ancient Cedars Lodge

From high school sweethearts to Pemberton wedding bliss at the Ancient Cedars Lodge.

Capturing a Journey of Love in Pemberton’s Ancient Forest Venue

Meet the couple!

Meet M + D, whose love story began in high school, blossoming into a bond that defied distance and geography. Despite the challenges of long-distance relationships and cross-country moves, their love remained steadfast. Their Pemberton wedding day at the Ancient Cedars Lodge, epitomized their desire for a laid-back celebration amidst BC’s forest. Let’s dive into their story, blending love, nature, and a touch of boho charm.

Currently hailing from Winnipeg, M + D found themselves drawn back to BC’s beauty for their wedding day. They spent four years in BC soaking in the west coast’s vibes before feeling the pull to return for their Pemberton wedding. Their journey began in high school, weathering long-distance challenges and cross-country shifts, cementing a bond that’s as strong as the Pemberton cedars themselves.

How did they manage this laid-back boho dream wedding in Pemberton?

For M + D, capturing BC’s west coast feel was a must. The Ancient Cedars Lodge, nestled in Pemberton’s wilderness, provided the perfect wedding venue. But it was really Morgan, from Wednesday Wedding Co. that helped bring their vision of a laid-back boho dream in the forest to life! With over 15 years of hospitality, catering, and events experience, Morgan was a no brainer to hire for M + D’s Pemberton wedding day.

While M completes her residency to become a doctor, the couple mix work with their love for each other, and their adorable dog! Their serene Pemberton wedding day, marks the beginning of a new chapter—a reminder of their journey together and the adventures yet to come.

About the photographer!

At Janice Power Photography, we’re all about capturing real moments in a laid-back style. From candid laughs to quiet embraces, our Pemberton wedding photography focuses on the essence of your day. We’re honoured to have been part of M + D’s story. Preserving love amidst BC’s stunning scenery is what we do best.

As M + D step into the future, they carry with them the memories of their Pemberton wedding—a day filled with love, laughter, and the unmistakable charm of BC’s ancient forests. Here’s to many more adventures together, with the beauty of the west coast always close to their hearts.

Pemberton Wedding Vendors

Photo: Janice Power Photography

Officiant: Lovely Day Events

Planner: Wednesday Wedding Co

HMUA: Colleen Conroy Makeup

Florals: Flowers and Jules

Dress: Watters Gowns

Suit: Indochino

Venue: Ancient Cedars Lodge

Catering: The Collective Kitchen