Sunset Whistler Heli Proposal

Blackcomb Helicopters gave the green light for Rainbow Glacier opening for winter, and we were set for our first Whistler Heli Proposal of the season.

Mary and Louis’ Proposal Story

Mary and Louis flew up from Seattle to Whistler for a winter escape, and Louis had a surprise in store. With just a week’s notice, he reached out after his daughter found us online. Fast forward to perfect weather, Blackcomb Helicopters giving the green light for Rainbow Glacier, and we were set for our first Whistler Heli Proposal of the season.

A Whistler Heli Proposal. A man on one knee proposing to his girlfriend in winter on Rainbow Glacier.

Louis went all out with the Gold Package with Blackcomb Helicopters, covering the proposal and an epic scenic tour. Imagine Whistler Valley, Black Tusk, and Garibaldi Lake all in a sunset glow. It’s a must for anyone in Whistler. The experience? Out of this world.

Louis and Mary were prepared with winter gear. Tip for snow adventurers: Sturdy shoes for the trek, a warm jacket to ward off the wind, gloves for the cold, and top it off with a beanie/toque and sunglasses for that winter chic look.

A couple are smiling as they get into on of Blackcomb Helicopters machines on Rainbow Glacier
A man carries his fiancé, surrounded by snow.

So, you’re planning to embark on the ultimate romantic adventure and considering a Whistler Heli Proposal? Here’s your go-to guide on what to wear for your unforgettable journey:

Footwear Fit for the Snow Trek

Sturdy shoes are a must. You’ll likely be walking through some deep snow, and the last thing you want is soggy, cold feet. Opt for waterproof, insulated boots to keep your toes toasty and dry for your heli proposal.

Bundle Up with a Warm Jacket

Whistler’s winter chill can be brisk, especially up on the glacier. A warm, insulated jacket will not only act as a windbreaker but also keep you cozy during your scenic adventure and, of course, the big moment itself.

A couple admire an engagement ring on Rainbow Glacier after their Whistler Heli Proposa

Gloves for Warm Hands and Heartfelt Moments

Cold hands can be a buzzkill, especially when you’re about to slip that ring on. Bring along a pair of good-quality gloves to keep your hands warm and ready for that magical moment. Consider touchscreen-friendly gloves so you can easily capture every special second.

Top it Off with a Beanie

A stylish beanie not only adds a touch of winter chic to your ensemble but also keeps your head warm. Choose one that complements your outfit and adds that cozy flair to your heli proposal look.

A newly engaged couple having a snowball fight on a glacier in Whistler

Sunglasses for Style and Sun Glare

Despite the winter season, the sun can be quite intense, particularly when reflecting off the snow; nevertheless, be sure to pack a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes and add a touch of glamour to your aerial adventure.

Looking for the complete lowdown on how to plan for your Whistler Heli Proposal?