Whistler Mountain Ski Proposal

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A Story of Love and Adventure on Skis | A Whistler Mountain Ski Proposal

A man in a blue North Face ski jacket is down on one knee with a black ring box asking his girlfriend to marry him

This is the story of a Whistler mountain ski proposal. Whistler, which is located in British Columbia, is a beautiful and serene place that offers breathtaking views and exciting outdoor activities. Skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and just general sightseeing; this place has it all. It is a special location that inspires adventure and maybe even love.

I would argue it is the perfect setting for an on mountain ski proposal!

Recently, a couple visited Whistler mountain for a weekend getaway of skiing from California. Cole had planned a special surprise for his girlfriend, Kelly, and wanted to propose to her. He did not want to do it in any regular boring way, but wanted to do it in a unique and memorable way! He chose Whistler mountain as the perfect ski proposal location because of its stunning scenery and adventurous atmosphere.

The couple arrived at Whistler mountain earlier in the week for their ski holiday. However, they had one problem. The airline lost their luggage! Thank goodness Cole put the engagement ring in his carry-on.

Good thinking on his part!

The two of them spent their days skiing and snowboarding on the mountain, with rented gear of course (no luggage remember?). Finally the end of the trip was drawing near. Cole suggested they go for one last ski up the mountain, take in the stunning views and soak up the peaceful atmosphere before heading back home to LA.

As they reached the top of the gondola, Cole suggested they stop for a selfie on the edge of a run. He led his girlfriend to a spot overlooking the valley and got down on one knee. He told her how much he loved her and how much better his life has been with her in it. Finally, Cole asked Kelly to be his wife.

She was completely taken aback but, of course, said yes. The couple hugged and kissed, smiles on their faces, as they took in the moment. They spent the rest of the day celebrating and taking in the breathtaking scenery around them on Whistler mountain.

The couples ski trip was complete with a ski proposal. They would return home with a new engagement ring and a love stronger than ever. Their Whistler Mountain proposal will always be a special memory for them, one that they will cherish forever.

Now, don’t you think Whistler Mountain is the perfect place for a proposal too? It offers a beautiful and adventurous setting that is sure to create a memorable and special moment. Whether you’re looking for a romantic hike or a thrilling ski adventure, Whistler mountain has it all, making it the ideal place to pop the question.

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